Bursting with Creativity

Back in January when I asked about reliving old projects or getting on with new ones I set myself a target to try and blog once a week and come up with new patterns and actually write them up……… Epic Fail!

It’s now March, and I think I’ve managed maybe 3 posts, but they aren’t for the want of trying!

You see……. I’m absolutely bursting with creative ideas! Not just crochet, but sewing, and design, and pretty much anything!!!!

Now is it just me, that when you get that bright spark of an idea, its when you least expect it, and usually when you don’t have the tools to start making and experimenting with it?

I’ve got a little (well used) notebook that I’m writing everything down in, so hopefully I’ll remember all these gems of ideas I’m thinking about.

Yes, some are crochet, some are of course half made before I’ve gone onto busily creating something else…. not wanting to loose the enthusiasm that I have for a particular item that I want to design and make.

Some are just scribbles in my “notebook” and these are written in with the date so I can try to work out what I’m yet to do, and what I was thinking about at the time!

Crochet patterns, ummmmm,  well these tend to be scribbled in one of 3 notebooks (or a scrap of paper) that I then invariably can’t find the one I used when I do get 10 minutes to type something up!  My new thing when not at home but my creative juices are flowing as a note on my iPhone!

So, the blue one, knowing my love of Science, and also of crochet kindly bought me this fab book from Tiger.  The periodic table, somewhere for me to keep all my musings in one “safe” place!


So my plan, to design and make things, writing them up as I go along, including on my blog.

Wish me luck…… I think I might need it!





3 thoughts on “Bursting with Creativity

  1. Good luck 😉
    I think it’s typical of a creative person to start many different projects at the same time, making plans just to ignore or adjust them and then get distracted by something else 🙂
    But I’m anxious to see what’s coming up next! And I truely wish you luck with the patternwriting and stuff.
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

    1. At least I’m not alone! I’ve started typing something up at least which is more than I have been doing!

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