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Sixty Million Trebles

What’s Sixty Million Trebles, whats that I hear you ask?

It’s a great project started by some ladies in the UK, where they are trying to make a blanket that uses sixty million trebles (Or Double Crochets if you are in the USA)  Well that is absolutely huge!

Yes it is, it’ll be 8050 (eight thousand and fifty) 36 inch blankets, all to be made by people crocheting (or knitting).

Why are they doing it? It’s to raise awareness of the number of refugees in the world – a staggering 60 million, thats why! Thats the same as the population of the UK.  #onestitchonelife

So the plan is, lots of volunteers crochet a blanket thats 36 inches square, then you add a DC (SC border in USA), and then amazingly they will be sewn together to become the largest blanket in the world (but we need 13000 blankets to do this).

The blankets will them become an art installation, somewhere in London. Then half will be given to charities in the UK and half to oversees charities.

They are also raising money, #onetreble1p. Imagine, if only 1p was every stitch that would be a massive amount of money!

I heard about it after chatting to a mum in the playground, she was crocheting while waiting, and I asked her what it was.  She told me about the Facebook group, and what they were doing.  So I thought, I can do that.  So using some of the wool from my stash, I started!

I went for C2C, as I love it.  It’s so so easy, and works up really fast.  The best bit is when you get to the size you start decreasing, so the last 10 ish rows are super duper quick!

It’s come with me to the usual places, the car, the many many swimming pools!  Slight delay when I thought I’d run out of pink, to luckily discover a few little balls – phew!

I needed to sew in the ends….. but thats not crochet, so I delayed a bit there, finally yesterday I did them.

Then I added a bright pink border, while at swimming yesterday!

Do you want to see my finished attempt?  Currently weighing in at 12405 trebles for the blanket, and the border!

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