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I really must not start anything else……….

Until I’ve finished what I have started!

Yep – I think we’ve all said that at one time or another!  But this is me writing to myself to try and resist the urge to pick up my hook, scissors and or material, and get creating!

I’m itching to start designing something new, BUT, I must finish what I have started first.

So what am I talking about….. well there’s my sixty million treble blanket (more to come on that soon), that is almost done, but those pesky ends need sewing in, and I need to add a border (I’m thinking pink?)

I’ve started something great with this wonderful pile of Stylecraft yarn,

I’ve got a couple of sewing things ongoing – kids sewing and things I’m making for them….. one thing already cut out ready to sew!

And these don’t even factor in any half written patterns, blog posts, or half completed lists I seem to have everywhere!

So I’m thinking maybe my new years resolution should have been – finish what you start, or don’t get carried away, or you can be too crafty, or probably, tidy up after yourself if you think you are getting creative vibes elsewhere!

So rather than picking up some purple yarn and hook, or writing the PDF to a pattern that I should be doing, I’m finishing what I started, well one of them, this blog post started a few days ago!

(Phew….. one more thing off the list – time to go create again!)





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