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Superhero Day

I’m a bit late posting this, the actual day was back in November but hey…….

For Children in Need this year our school had the theme of Superheros.  Mission for Mummy to make 2 costumes for 2 little people.

Every superhero needs a cape, and this was accomplished with the help of Pinterest of course!  I didn’t actually pin that many things on my board – but I did get lots of ideas!

Who were they going to go as………????????

Well the blue one loves the colour yellow, so yellow satin was purchased, and I thought – hey, Banana Man sounds like a good idea.  Eric living at Archia Road, a programme from the 1980s I used to love.  Unfortunately the blue one had never heard of him!

So my plan was yellow satin cap, and then a hat, some gauntlets and some shoe covers made from yellow felt.

The pink one, well, there was only one thing fitting for her……. Unicorn girl!

A pink and purple cape, a mask and a horn with ears!

This picture helped with the cape dimensions, but of course my children weren’t the right height, so I modified it and “cut by eye”!

The pink ones cape  was going to be purple and pink, so 1 cut of each.

Then to get the cape on, I cut across the neck.  Note to self for cape number 2 was sew the velcro onto the cape before sewing together and you won’t see the stitches!

Unicorn girl….. she had to have a  unicorn on it!  Cue Google and a line drawing of a unicorn.  Print, cut it out, pin to some white felt, and cut around it.  Then pin to the pink cape and sew in place.

Now I was ready to sew the two capes pieces together.  Lay right sides together and stitch all the way round using a straight stitch – and leaving a gap of about 6 inches not sewn *this is so you can turn it inside out!).  Then as satin is wonderful to touch, but is a nightmare at fraying, I zigzaged stitch around the edges.

Turn the cape inside out, and then iron flat.  Sew the bottom either by hand, or I folded the edges in and machine sewed it – my reasoning being this only had to last a day!

Unicorn girl needs a horn!  So I found an old hairband, cut 2 strips of the pink satin and sewed them together as a rectangle.  I cut 2 long thin triangles out of white felt and sewed them together.  I then cut a circle of felt that fit the bottom of horn, and hand sewed it onto the hairband.  Horn on the top of the hairband, and the circle underneath, and I joined them together.  Using a pink thread, I joined it at the top, and then wound it tightly round the horn and fastened at the bottom.  I was going to stop here, but when I tried it on, it looked so silly, I had to add ears!

Ears, 2 white felt triangles and 2 pink satin triangles.  I sewed one if each colour together, turned the right way, and ironed them.

I then sewed them to the hairband!

Next, what super hero doesn’t have a mask???  Google images to the rescue, and a template was retrieved.

Cut 2 on the template in felt, and sew together, adding elastic at the sides (in between the 2 bits of felt).

Unfortunately, eBay let me down, and the yellow banana man felt failed to arrive……. So a light blue mask was hastily made, and using my new sewing machine I added shapes like bananas!

The big reveal…………… Unicorn girl and Banana Man

My littler superheros doing what every superhero does in there downtime…..

Then one of the teachers at school was absolutely genius, and took pictures of all the superheros flying over some houses……


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