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New Years Resolutions

I sat down to write this blog about an hour ago (Honestly , ok, over 2 hours ago).  I thought I’d do what everyone else in blog land was doing…. a quick recap of 2016 before heading into 2017 with a bang!

I started going through my photos of all my crafty achievements, or  travels, or just anything that I thought was slightly interesting to read about……………. and I came to the conclusion very quickly.

I’ve really not blogged enough!!!!!

I completely missed out so much!!!

So now I have a choice:

blog about what I did last year so you can catch up and see what I made / did


start afresh in 2017 (New Years resolution to find the time to type more often).

A huge choice………… you’d miss out on 10+ crochet patterns, furniture restoration, sewing, more crafts with the kids, not to mention  trips to Cromer, Whitby and North Berwick.  Further afield travels to France, Thailand, and most recently, LAPLAND (It deserves to be in capitals it was amazing…. but this one blog post alone, means I need to type up 2 hat patterns)……..


Do you see my dilemma?  What would you do?




4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions

    1. Thanks Louise – that’s kind of what I thought but then I see what I’ve missed and get so angry with myself for not finding the time at the time to write things up! Be more organised I feel is my resolution (and learn an easy way to watermark photos and upload them!)

    1. Thanks Christine, I fear a few will be put on hold until I find the time – but starting a fresh now might be the key to my sanity!!! Also endless lists of what I wanted to blog about if I’d had the time so I can always blog should I get a few minutes!

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