In the need for colour

It’s so grey and cold and dull, and the heating not working means the January blues are definitely upon me,  I really struggle a this time if year to 1: stay motivated, and 2: actually stay awake!

My family and friends say I tend to hibernate this time of year!  As soon as it gets dark, I want to go to bed, well – that being 5pm currently does not lead to the active of social lives.  The summer on the other hand, when I’m up when the sun gets up at 4.30am, and then still up at 10pm as it’s light…. well that’s what I’m in need of now!

So a little bit of colour, and a couple of pictures of what my garden will look like in a few months time is why I’m typing this post, as the dull grey sky, without the sun even putting in a tiny appearance is not keeping motivated!

Enjoy and roll of Spring and Summer!



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