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An Owl Cushion

My 2 year old niece loves owls!  Any excuse for me to make something!  Her mum made her a fab button art picture with me when they came to came to stay.

I wanted to make her a hat, but was told pretty quickly that she doesn’t do hats!  Shame – there is a fab owl hat with Repeat Crater Me.  But no, so plan B was needed.

So I carried on looking on Sarah’s website, for some other ideas and I found this fab owl pillow!

We don’t have Bernat blanket really in the UK.  I found some online at at Amazon (all links on the original post), and ordered it right away.  Then I realised it was shipping from the US, so would be a few weeks coming!

It got just after the New Year, and I have to say I’m pretty much smitten with this yarn.  I never seen anything like it – and at about £9 a ball, its great value for 300g of yarn!

8.0mm hook, and I was ready to start.

One cold and frosty Sunday morning while the rest of the house slept, circles were made in front of the fire.

And they grew at a surprising rate!

Then I did what I always seem to do, I got so engrossed in crocheting, that I completely forgot to take any more pictures!

The body of the owl was finished in a couple of hours, and only took 1 ball of Bernat blanket.  This means I have another one to play with = result!

The eyes I changed slightly, one – because I didn’t have any of the yarn specified, so I used 2 strands of a chunky white yarn scrap I had left over.  Two – I didn’t do the HDCs as the outer circle.  I just did a plain round of HDC’s again, but increasing every other stitch.

The buttons, I used some great coconut buttons I have already.

Want to see the results?  I think a 2 year old will love it!





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