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Harry Potter blanket – Part 2

Time to finally share the mission that has been the Harry Potter blanket.  It’s been the biggest thing I have tackled, taken hours and hours, and is far bigger than I expected……… but I love it!  (And so does the Blue one!).

I made the crest square, which you can read all about here, then was the choice of the other 10 squares.

A long long time ago in July, I tackled squares 1 and 2, platform 9 and 3/4 and the golden snitch.  Both started crocheting in the car on the way to Whitby to go camping with our friends, these were the ones that decided the colour choice of the blanket.

Then squares 3 and 4, picked because they had a lot of one colour, so could be crocheted in the car, this time on the long drive to the Vendee in France, Saint-Jean du Monts to be exact.

Then to the actual colour changes, where we now have a wand and a Nimbus 2000 (A broomstick!)

Next, I’m sure I started Hedwig,

And then in my true style…….. I had Slytherin, Hedwig and Gryfinndor on the go at once!

I then made the huge and correct decision to not do the black in the corner squares of the Hogwarts houses.  This was going to save me so much time, and so many ends to sew in.

So Hufflepuff was completed, but did I sew those ends in as I go I hear you ask……….. of course I didn’t as I’m too busy crocheting….. but boy do I wish I had when I spent 4 hours sewing in ends!

Back to Hedwig with loads of colour changes……

But I got there in the end……

And then onto Fawkes, which I think is my favourite!

Gryffindor needed to be finished, and after an emergency dash out for more mustard yarn, it finally was!

Then onto Ravenclaw,

And back to Slytherin eventually,

The final 2 squares……. Doby and a lightning bolt (I only took one photo of this, the end of the balnket!

So, after months of making it, I finally finished the blanket at about 3pm on Christmas Eve!  It took a good 4 hours to sew it together!

So – you want to see it????

The blue one loves it!  Snuggles under it on the sofa, and takes it to bed at night.

But, whats the first thing he did with all these hours of work……. play Twister on it of course!

Right hand to Gryffindor, Left foot to Lightning bolt!

Harry potter crochet blanket

4 thoughts on “Harry Potter blanket – Part 2

  1. This carpet is so much masterpiece I would be willing to do so for my grandchild. Can give me a link of the pattern;-)

  2. When I had done my HP afghan last year, I had made some extra squares and recently found them and decided to make a separate mini afghan and add the bonus house squares… I did what you did and made the Slitherin one first with the black lines…UGH! Glad to see you finished Hufflepuff one without the lines and helped me decide I did not want to include them. At least it will be easy to do over without having to change colors every stitch. LOL

    1. Oh my – it was a nightmare those black lines! I’m definitely one for the easy route if I can! Have fun making it! Vicki

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