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Crochet Squares and Diamonds

Finally a little bit of blue can be seen in the sky here in England.  It’s been a cold rainy few days since I showed you all my crochet at the pool, and me crocheting squares, basically what I make while the blue ones swims length after length after length……..

The finished pieces are 2 cushions which hopefully brighten up the dull days we will have for next few months!

Now I’m sure I’ve posted this before (about 2 weeks ago) – so either something funny is going on with my blog…… or its a proper de ja vu moment…….


Ok – so on the ripple blanket they might be a bit too much!  But I’ve really enjoyed making them!

The granny square one – your usual granny square – I do 2 chains in the corners one on the sides.

Then I positioned it so it was on a diagonal rather than a square.  This gave me the diamonds  and the big cross on the other side!  

img_9462 img_9464

I hand sewed the granny square directly onto the cushion pad – meaning if it need a wash (highly likely with little people and 4 legged friends), I’ve got to unpick- so I wish I’d thought about this more!


So to add the zip – I saw this great video posted by Red Haired Amazona on her FB page.  Basically sew along with running stitch.


I folded the square in half and sewed the bottom and top edges together.

final final

I positioned the zip along the long side and using single crochet – I just crocheted along the zip!  About 2 single crochets per running stitch. (I wish I could of bought a teal zip but the shop didn’t have any when I went shopping- it would have blended more).


When both sides were done I put in  the cushion pad – zipped it up and prepared to make my eyes go funny!

final final final final img_9560

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