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Crochet at the pool

I haven’t been here for a while, it’s as a I sit working out why I’ve not put fingers to the key pad I realise its probably in part due to the blue one doing rather a lot of swimming!

Four times a week, he’s at a pool, that combined with the pink ones swimming lessons which are conveniently on the same night the blue ones swims – at the same time….. but at a different pool!!!!!!

I attend 4 different pools a week now – without me getting wet-  watching length after length being swum.  The only bonus is on a Tuesday, he goes diving, meaning I get to watch him throw himself in the water a lot!  Pink one comes to watch, and I, well if you follow my Instagram,  I Crochet of course!

Always one to have a bag of yarn in the car ready to go……..




I think these 2 have been inspired by staring continuously at Turquoise water!  All Stylecraft Special DK.

img_9417 img_9449 img_9477 img_0177 img_0314 img_9868 img_9830

Good news is that I finished them and will reveal them as soon as the sun decides to shine (so I can take some good pictures), which might be a while given whats going on outside my house currently.  The joys of the English weather!



4 thoughts on “Crochet at the pool

  1. I to have a pink one that swims 5 times a week (6 if you count competitions) so I spend a lot of time by a pool generally with no internet access. I was getting very bored so decided to resurrect the crochet hook and knitting needles. In the last year I have completed 2 baby blankets, 3 stuff animals, 3 mermaids tails, shark tail blanket, Jumper, 50 snowflakes, 5 mug cozies … now working on chirstmas stocking!

    1. Its so good to use the time productively rather than spending it playing on my phone! Glad you find it is too! I do have to take something I don’t have to think too much about though!

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