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Corner to corner rainbows

The blanket tradition in our house started a couple of years ago after I learnt how to crochet.  I went full blown into making a granny stripe blanket from Attic 24 which the pink one has, my post about how I started it is here... but it’s only as I type this I remember I never posted the final blanket!

My husband got given his Chevron blanket for Christmas last year, and the blue one moaned he was the only one not to have a blanket.

So I’m going to show you some lovely pictures of the Rainbow blanket Pink one has before showing what I made for the blue one.img_8453 img_8999 img_2069 img_0034 img_0029 img_1585 img_1528 img_1527 img_0336 img_9300 img_9011 img_9004 img_1322

As I mentioned the blue one moaned, that he was the only one without a blanket.  Lets choose to ignore the shark, and the alligator he has!

So a blanket was been requested.  What to make him?  I’d always wanted to do a corner to corner blanket.  But from sewing in all the those ends last time, I wanted a variegated yarn to use.  I bought this lovely yarn from The Wool Warehouse, Sytlecraft Merry go round in Starburst, hoping that it wouldn’t be too pink.  I teamed it with grey from the Sytlecraft Special double knit range too – again to try and make it a bit more of a boy blanket.

I love C2C, so quick, so easy, and when you do a simple diagonal pattern, you really don’t need to think about it too much!

img_1787So this is the lovely yarn, a bit pinker than planned, but still lovely.  Bordered with 2 squares of grey, and a stripe of 2 rows of grey every 14 rows of coloured yarn.

c2c stylecraft merrygoaround yarnimg_2565img_2271img_1832Now the only thing with C2C is that when you decide, half way into making the blanket thats its the right size…. there is no more “I’ll just a few rows” to make it bigger or “I’m bored now,  I’ll stop” and make it smaller.  As it worked in the diagonal – you have to commit, and fully commit to what size you want to make it – when you are half way there!!!

Each row from that point is one square less,  and then quicker to do.

I made the decision to stop when it was the height of the blue one.  I neglected to take into account, one, that he’d grow, and 2 that you need a bit of extra length and width to snuggle into.

We have a gorgeous c2c rainbow blanket, which in blue ones words “It’s too small and Pink ones blanket is a lot bigger” so he uses hers instead causing huge fights!

Solution…… well to make another blanket, that bigger.  It’s on the hook as I type!

4 thoughts on “Corner to corner rainbows

    1. Thanks! I love making blankets….. well I like choosing the yarn, starting them, and if they are quick making them….. but some seem to takes ages to finish! Good luck!

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