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The pink one is obsessed with unicorns.  Everything has to about unicorns.  T-shirts, toys you name it!  She even asked Father Christmas for “A real alive unicorn” which she didn’t receive, however she did have a lovely letter from the man himself explaining that unicorns are so special they need to stay with him, and that he doesn’t give “alive” things for gifts, but he did bring her a unicorn costume, and onesie!

img_5503Rosie the unicorn even comes dog walking with us!


For her birthday, unicorns were on the cards again…….


11 friends came and made unicorns, then they all had a tea party on one of the blankets I’ve made.  Of course, the cake was unicorn themed too!


I’d made the cake and ordered some ribbon from ebay – but it didn’t turn up in time.  So a quick trip to the local market, and I managed to find this one instead.

But – now I have 1 metre of ribbon, just waiting to be used.


So I made myself a lanyard this morning!

1 metre of ribbon, a scorpion clip from ebay too, and some joiners (?) and 5 minutes later….

Fold the ribbon in half, sew the scorpion clip in the middle.


Then on each end – add the joiners , the ones I bought, I just posted through the loop, and then sewed them in place.  The ribbon was already cut using pinking shears so it wouldn’t fray.  I just made sure I sewed backwards and forwards a few times to make sure it held in place.

img_9750Ta Da…. all ready for work tomorrow (although I suspect the pink one will try and claim it as her own!)

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