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Trombonchino Soup

img_9136Remember those funny looking vegetables from my last post….. The Trombonchinos?

We saw a similar squash where we visited RHS Wisely during the summer – but theres was a serpentine squash.

img_8505 img_8507

Well this is what we’ve done with them!

Blue one picked them….. and pink one helped.


Then – as they are a novelty vegetable – you have to model them appropriately!

img_9164They are beasts this year!  Our second time of growing them, and we love them!  I cheated and bought a plant from Gardeners World live this time, last time I bought and sowed seeds.

The harvest was less this year, but bigger, and better shapes than previously!  This one was grown 2 years ago – Blue one used it as a golf club and a musical instrument!


So why this vegetable I hear you ask?  Well I saw them on a programme with Rick Stein a couple of years ago, Saturday Kitchen, and this Italian guy was growing these in the UK in greenhouses – and they looked fab.

More importantly, they start off like a courgette, and can be eaten just like one, grated with lime juice.  BUT if you leave them to ripen off (forget about them…. courgettes turn into marrows!) , these wonderful things turn into a butternut squash type vegetable.

Now I’ve just realised I’m called it a vegetable, but as it has seeds inside it – surely its a fruit?

img_9223We made soup with one……

Cut one medium trombonchino into smallish pieces – probably 4x5cm each.  I tossed them in olive oil (about 20ml), and added lots of salt and pepper and than roasted them for about 50 minutes in a 180 degree C oven.


Then when they were nice and squishy and lovely and roasted brown, I took them out, allowed them to cool a bit (so I didn’t burn my fingers) and peeled them

img_9226I added the pulp to a plan, with a couple of vegetable stock cubes and about a 2 L of water, more salt and pepper and a clove of garlic and I boiled it up for 20 minutes.

img_9228Then it was blended in the mixer to a smooth soup.

img_9229Completely vegetarian up until the point, when I added some nice crispy bacon!


It was delicious!  We’ve still got 2 left so I need to come up with another recipe for those ones!

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