This is not the blog post I had planned after such a long absence.  I’m very sad to say Dhlyis sadly passed away yesterday.  She was one of my first ever girls, bought all the way back in March 2006.

Back in those days I had a different blog, which was mainly about the girls and how many wonderful eggs they laid for us.

We got the girls (Marjorie, Dhylis, Sylvie and Penny seen below) from a really run down farm in Norfolk, an hour away from where we lived in Soham at the time.   The other girls are long gone, some not even leaving our old house with us, but Dhylis was always here.

Eglu and chickens 095

Dhylis in fact laid our first ever egg….. a very round mostly yolk, which I can remember getting so excited by, I called my husband who was on a conference call…. and I was screaming down the phone at him.

Other chickens have come and gone, She’s lived with ex- battery hens, and other big girls until they started to bully her, and then moved into her own eglu with Sherbert, Dolly, and Alan.  These too, have long since left us.

So here’s to Dhylis.  The chicken who taught us all we know about chickens.  Who came when she was called, and used to run up and down the garden after me.  Who made happy noises when she got treats, who loved grapes and sweetcorn, and who will be very much missed.

Rest in Peace Dhylis

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