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My yarn bombing journey – Part 2

I’m lucky to be involved in the local yarn bombing event in a local churchyard.  I’d seen it last year and detailed it in this post.  This year I decided to see if I could join in, and you can read who I got involved and drool over cream teas here.

So what was I going to make????  The brief was so open, ideally it’d be clothes of some sort.

I chatted to Helen about what she was doing – a dress for a tree, and she’d mentioned a hoola hoop.

Thinking cap on I decided to investigate making something with bangles. You know the ones, the sets you always find in shops.

Anyway I went to the local kids type jewellery shop and they had the bracelets I wanted, but at £10 for 6 these were going to be expensive!  So I nipped into the charity shop a few doors down, and came away with 30 bracelets for £3!

Now what to make with them……… The pink one loves anything magical.  Her favourites are unicorns, but they are not clothes!  So a little rethink and the idea of fairies was set.  But how?

Yarnart Begonia, and some reflective thread a 2.75mm hook, and time to crochet.

Here a few of the skirts I made.


Then I decided to try them with the peg bodies.

So this is where I admit, I am no artist!

The skirts looked lovely, but the faces and the hair…. ummmmm……. they left a lot to be desired!




Chatting at Ballet, while the pink one danced we went on good old Pinterest and found some really cool little photos.  Pom Poms were bought and then plan B.

At this point I realised my limitations and asked the lovely friend (found at this great shop – she’s even been in Mollie Makes it turns out!) to make me some “pretty” fairies……and thankfully she did!

IMG_8857-1 IMG_8859-1 IMG_8858-1

Then to assemble them…….  Wings made from felt, pompoms attached and arms from pipe cleaners!

They originally hung in my garden for the open day on fishing line, so it looked like they were floating.  For the Yarn bomb it was decided they needed to be a bit sturdier, so I chained a length of normal DK yarn the same colour of the skirts!

So what do you think?

IMG_6344-1 IMG_9197-1 IMG_9207-2 IMG_9201-1 IMG_8877-1 IMG_8874-1 IMG_6334

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