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My yarn bombing journey – part 1

As I’m typing this I’m very proud to say “I’m part of an art installation (Yarn Bomb!) in a local church yard.”

I’d found out about it when I met up with the lovely Helen from Woolly Chic a good couple of months ago now!  (The garden opening and the making for the yarn bomb have taken all my spare time – I can’t believe I didn’t get around to writing this up at the time!!).

We both have a love of crochet, and live about 10 minutes away from each other, both knew of each other, but had never actually met!  I tweeted her and asked if the church was being yarn bombed this year.

“Yes, fancy meeting to discuss?” she replied.

“Why of course!” so in a very British fashion, we met and had a cream tea!


Yarn was discussed at great length, tea drunk, scones demolished!  (Not sure if this is the Devon or Cornish way to eat a scone – but it was delicious!)


Crochet?  Surely you talked about Crochet?  Well of course we did……

The yarn bombing was being called “Vestry”, and we talked about different ideas I could possibly do.  Helen explained all her plans, with a dress for a tree, and then some beautiful mandalas.


The we talked about puff stitch, and her lovely Sheep teacosy……. and my inability to master it!  She then kindly demo’d it for me!


A quick walk to the church, still thinking about ideas to look at the trees.

Then I walked back to my car actually paying attention to where I was, and I noticed for the first time a lovely little stream, and the great tudor architecture of some of the buildings!

Part 2 – the designing and making coming very soon!

IMG_5014 IMG_5011

2 thoughts on “My yarn bombing journey – part 1

  1. OK. We need to discuss a few things. Firstly, is there both a Devon and a Cornish way to have scones? And do you call scones and tea a cream tea? Here in Australia we call tea with scones, jam and cream a ‘Devonshire Tea’. Have we as a nation of 20 something million people been doing it wrong this entire time? (insert wide eyed emoji here). I need to know all this.
    And how did I not know you live in such a gorge little village with tudor houses?

  2. Yep – Devon is cream first then jam. Cornish – Jam then dream.

    A Cream Tea is tea with a scone (either way), and an afternoon tea is cream tea – but with sandwiches and mini cakes too.

    You need to come and visit Louise – the local market town is lovely- and only 5 mins from my house!

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