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The actual Yarn Bombing

Finally you get to see my, and other great woolly creators efforts in the Yarn Bombing of the local church!

This is a tad later than planned due to a mishap with watermarking photos then not being able to find them on the computer when they’ve gone to the iCloud as wordpress didn’t know what the icloud was.  It knew what the dropbox was, the icloud seemed to be a little bit too far away for it!  Oh, and the app on my phone was a disaster too as it didn’t know what the shared photo folder was either….. I really couldn’t make these technical issues up!!!

So, this is the yarn bomb (Art installation!).

Where I know specific people have made things – I’ll link them!  So Off The Hook (me!), woolly Chic and Festiwool and have been busy bees with our hooks and needles.

I decided my fairies needed houses!  Being left outside for a few weeks it’d be nice for them to find somewhere to sleep!

IMG_9202 IMG_9168 IMG_9232 IMG_9231 IMG_6482

The final view of my little fairies in the church yard.  They are here until the 23rd of July so if you are local – pop along to see them!

These from Festiwool – you can’t beat a good pom pom, and this is so red and bright it’s a real  eye catcher.  Festiwool is on the 12th November in Hertfordshire – one for the calendars too!

IMG_9182 IMG_9179 IMG_9184 IMG_9183

And this bike is fantastic!


Now Woolly Chic’s turn

IMG_9187 IMG_9220 IMG_9211 IMG_9191 IMG_9177 IMG_9214 IMG_9218

Then were are a few others bits dotted around made by other lovely people.  It’s well worth a little look around if you are in the area!

IMG_9194 IMG_9193 IMG_9192 IMG_9189 IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9216 IMG_9174

Oh and  pop up wool shop is happening on the 23rd July next door to the churchyard, where I’ll be selling my Yarnart Begonia that I used to make the fairy skirts and those little Russian Cloche hats!

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