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Open garden…… and now relax!

Two years ago, for the first time ever I opened my garden for the Red Cross and some other local charities as part of the city I live in.  We get listed in the little white book thats delivered to lots of garden centres and local tourist information centres, then the real fun begins of constants gardening in the build up to the event.

Well – as gluttons for punishment we decided we’d do it again this year! The big day was 19th June, Fathers day would you believe!

So cue a good month of gardening constantly.  Lists written daily of what needs to be done.

Husband on strict instructions not treat the lawn this year until after the garden opening, and the embarrassment of the black spots 2 years ago.

More lists written. Grass cut, anything growing tied up or cut off with secateurs!

Kids told not to kick balls into the flowers, every last bit of rubbish picked up.

Emergency call to the hedge cutting man when you realise you’re running out of time – he comes Friday morning!

Frantic painting of the climbing frame at 8pm on Saturday night when you open your eyes and see it’s pealing paint everywhere – how did we not notice beforehand?

Sleep………. up at 6am making cakes.

Last tidy of the garden.

Ready for “Blue one” in charge of ticket sales.  Good maths and money practice – He loved it!

11am doors opened!  First visitor 11.05am…….. followed by over 400 hundred people mooching around my garden!

Our garden took just under £300, but with 24 other gardens opening we’ve hopefully raised lots of money for charity!  Last count tickets sales alone had raised over £4000!

So, want to see my garden???  Alright then!  Loads of photos now…… and I’m proud to say apart from watering… I’ve not gardened in over a week!!!!

(Spot the little fairies in the trees?  Blog post coming soon on those!)

IMG_8862 IMG_8883 IMG_8882 IMG_8880 IMG_8867 IMG_8866 IMG_8879 IMG_6305 IMG_6311 IMG_6295 IMG_8888




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