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This is one of those posts that I’ve wanted to do since getting home… and has been put on the back burner….. due to that thing that seems to disappear without trace – TIME

When we were in Thailand – flying back via Singapore airport they had a wonderful display of tulips.  On further inspection this was to introduce a new route from Singapore to Amsterdam.



They’d shipped in loads and loads of tulips, then stored them in a dark fridge already planted to start them germinating for 16 weeks.  This seemed an amazing effort to go through – here in the UK we just plant them in the ground and let nature do the work!  There was a lovely display of mocked up Dutch houses too.

IMG_4724 IMG_4723 IMG_4715 IMG_4722 IMG_4721 IMG_4713 IMG_4712

So from Singapore tulips….. back home to the tulips in my garden…… Now this is what it’s all about!  I’ll leave you with these wonderful pictures!


IMG_6770 IMG_6767 IMG_6765 IMG_6757 IMG_5021 IMG_5119 IMG_6679 IMG_6675 IMG_6609 IMG_4782

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