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New chicks – and their names

I’m very excited to share with you our new arrivals…….. Three gorgeous little chicks!


They were at the local day nursery, hatching eggs to chicks, then they were heading back to the farm.  But I asked if we could have them, and grow them up.

We had some very sad news, My big girls seen in these links, were killed by a fox when we were on holiday.  My wonderful neighbours cleaned everything up, and we’ve been working on fox proofing the run.  To this day we don’t exactly know where the fox got in.

We think it was a combination of the dogs being away so not chasing him away, and that he has some cubs he wanted to feed.  It still doesn’t make it any nicer, and we are not fans of Mr Fox.   We’ve been here 9 years with chickens, and have never had a problem, but that day was horrible.

So, we needed some new girls.  The constant chatter at the bottom of the garden when I went down to the veggie patch is very sadly missed.  So queue the arrival of these cute little fluffy things! (Who are currently living in the utility room chatting away as they are too little for the garden yet!)

They are Rhode Island Red Cross hybrids, cleverly colour coded genetically so as soon as they are born they are identifiable as girls or boys…. rather than waiting until about 18 weeks old to find out that when you expected an egg layer you got a cock-a doodle do!

The new camera lens has been well and truly used – good old digital photos!!




So what are they called I hear you ask, before I bombard you with photos?

Blue one has called his chick “Gai” which means chicken in Thai.

Pink one, after a lot of deliberation over Rosie (but her unicorn is called Rosie), decided on Nugget. Me, well I thought I’d combine them both, so chick number 3 is called Satay!

Introducing…… Nugget, Satay and Gai (let the cuteness begin!)

IMG_5687 IMG_7713 IMG_7705 IMG_7700 IMG_7699 IMG_7685 IMG_7634 IMG_7642 IMG_7605 IMG_7599

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