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World Book Day

Today is that day that parents run for cover and try to hide on…. or they embrace it completely……. World Book Day…… oh go on then ….. If I must!


Our school decided on a magical theme, Harry Potter and Winnie the Witch, but really anything magical… Queue Rosie the Unicorn I thought…. but no – pink one wanted to be Wilbur the cat!


So Pinterest has been scoured and ideas firmly noted, crochet hooks and scissors at the ready!  Time to make Harry Potter and Wilbur the Cat!

Remember my crochet in the car project (from before Christmas…..)?  It was the one item that I didn’t finish in time….. time to get cracking!  Lovely pattern by Red Haired Amazona (for the Aussie world book day!)





It even came in the house to get finished!


Next – a sorting hat!  Super chunky yarn, and 10mm hook and a lovely pattern found here.



I think I did it wrong as the mouth was on the other side to the eyes… unpick it a bit and carry on!


Then a cloak was needed.  Now Amazon have them to buy for about £15, but a friend of mine had just bought a lot of black material for a 1920s party that wasn’t used.  Bargain price of £3 from the market, and it was going to be thrown away!   Pinterest to the rescue again……… and the idea for a cloak found here.

I didn’t bother with a pattern, but laid it on the floor and cut round the blue one with it folded as it needed to be.  Arms, were a bit of a bodge too, but they worked just.


The lining was an after thought – and all I’ll say is that on the outside the cape looks lovely….. but just don’t inspect too closely!



Next a cat….. easy peasy.  Dress her in black, and make a hat and a headband.  BUT…… a little girl doesn’t tend to have a plain black t-shirt……. solution ……. wear your brothers Minecraft t-shirt the wrong way round!

Hat – super chunky yarn from Cygnet, and based on this idea, but measurements changed to fit a 5 year old.


Then a headband…… I found a christmas one, and Single Crocheted 3/4 of the way around it.  Then where ears were supposed to be – I did 4 rows of 6HDC, then row 5 was HDC 2 tog, 1 HDC, HDC 2 tog, and then 3 HDC for row 6.

Ta da……..  Meet Harry Potter and a cat!







1 thought on “World Book Day

  1. The Pink and the Blue ones look fabulous! The thing thats so wonderful about kids dressing up, is as soon as they don the costume, you can see they feel like they’ve transformed into that character! They feel like they are Harry or a cat. It’s adorable! I love that sorting hat!

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