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A Serial Project Starter

Yep – that’s me.  I seem to keep starting things… and then not finishing them!  Sound familiar?

So I started a red cloche hat for the pink one to take on holiday.


It was so important I finish it I even took it to the pink ones ballet lesson for crochet club (that’s what the mums do while the little girls dance!),


It even came to the garage when I was waiting for a tyre to be changed too!


So have I finished it?  Of course I haven’t… I got distracted with other projects!

Like the bag I just had to make….. but then haven’t used yet!


Then I did a bit of pattern testing for Red Haired Amazona….. I just adore her colour choices!

IMG_3577 IMG_3584 IMG_3587

Then I went to work on a blanket.  One of the ladies at ballet is making a wonderful circle and square blanket like this one.  She’s using exactly the same colours and it’s looking lovely.


So I thought I might make one too………. (I know, I’m starting far too many things here and not finishing so why on earth would I then start a blanket?)


I managed to grab myself a bargain of some yarn – Sirdar cotton.  It should of been £5 a ball, but somehow it as on offer at £10 for 10 balls…… the only slight problem being they are all beiges and browns.  I do like beiges and browns….. but also some colour.  Queue a grovel in my ever growing stash to find…….. (Yep the photo gives it away a bit…….) PURPLE!


So my circles are bigger than the original blanket, so I’ve adjusted the sides of the squares too!


Look at all those ends….. I will never learn to sew them in as I go!




So I now have 9 squares completed.  Not exactly the whole blanket I had planned.  Probably it’ll be a cushion cover, but in the meantime…. what can we do with them?


Crochet noughts and crosses of course!!!!

2 thoughts on “A Serial Project Starter

  1. Iam so glad to hear that I am not alone I the crafting world of unfinished projects! It seems like for me I am not happy unless I have at least 6 projects on the go so know that you are not alone…lol. Happy crafting!

    1. I’ve usually got one in the car, and one at home…… But I’ve currently got everything at home and in little bags…… But they just aren’t getting finished!

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