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The V Stitch kids hat and cowl



It’s no shock to all my friends that I love my hat – the one I made a few months ago (and wrote up on my old blog – but forgot to copy over to this new site…….. until this morning!!!!!  Queue 2 posts pretty close together…..)

I decided the pink one needed one to kind of match but not really, a slouch beanie on a 5 year old with a little head wasn’t going to work (in my mind anyway).

It all started with a scarf, or should I say, the lack of one!  I’ve crocheted everything you can imagine, but poor little pink one had the left overs of a 3 strand blanket I was going to make, but then decided it was too thick.  It’s been put in the clothes recycling a number of times…… but somehow gets retrieved by a little person……….

So a scarf was needed.  I love this V stitch.  So quick and easy and with chunky yarn.

So I sat down with my pad, pencil, 2 balls of yarn, my 6mm hook, and created!

It’s was one of those times when I thought “Yep, I’ll properly photography this, showing all the steps” and then I looked at what I’d actually photographed, and was lucky to have the ones you’ll see now….. I think I was so creative it was all about the crochet!

Both are worked in Stylecraft  Chunky Yarn,  Graphite and Pomegranate using a 6mm hook.  All terms used are US.


BPDC – Back Post Double Crochet

FHDC – Foundation Half Double Crochet

DC – Double Crochet

SS – Slip stitch

V-Stitch –   Please watch the video here (I gave up trying to explain it!)

Cowl (to fit a 5 year old)

Row 1: Using Pomegranate FHDC 56 and SS to make into a round.

Round 2, 4 and  6: (In Pomegranate) *V Stitch, skip 2 stitches,* SS to the top of the Standing DC.  *-* repeat all the way round.

Round 3 and 5: Change to grey then as round 2.

Round 7: Chain 2 and HDC in every stitch, SS to the top and fasten off.



Hat (to fit a 5 year old- but she has a small head so more like a 3-4!)

Very technical now – make a head band to fit the child using FHDC.  This needs to be on the tight rather than loose side, but bear in mind you have another layer of crochet underneath it as you fold this layer over (but crochet does relax with wear too!).



Row 1: Using Pomegranate FHDC 46, SS to the top of the first stitch to make a round.

Rounds 2 -7: CH3, * BPDC, DC, * *=* repeat all the way round.  SS to the top of the CH3.

Rounds 8 , 10, 12, 14,16,18: V stitch starting with a standing DC, skip 2 stitches, *V stitch, skip 2 stitches* repeat all the way round.

Rounds 9, 11, 13, 15, 17: Change to grey, then repeat row 8.

Round 19: CH2, HDC in every stitch.

Finishing:  Fold the hat in half ensuring the raised BPDC is on the outside.  SS the top of the hat closed and fasten off.  Turn the hat the right way round and fold up the BPDC brim.  I put 2 stitches on either side to sew it in place.  Sew in any ends.

Make 2 multicoloured pom poms and sew on the corners.

Viola………… One pink one ready for the cold snap (Please excuse the Nanny Mcphee tooth…… Its so wobbly it’s silly… but its not yet ready for the tooth fairy!!!)

She loves it really!

IMG_5926 IMG_5931-1 IMG_5912

IMG_2664 IMG_2675-1 IMG_2677-1 IMG_2678 IMG_2707-1



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