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A quick and easy dog coat

January seems to have flown by, long gone are the resolutions to write a blog post every week – I’ve definitely not kept that one – it being mid February already and I only seem to have found the time to sit down, fingers to keyboard once!  So this post – a quick an easy dog coat will hopefully make up for my lack of typing!

A friend asked me for a dog coat for this tiny little Chihuahua she walks, as he was getting so cold and shivering, she felt sorry for him.  So I googled, and pinterested, and looked and looked – I made him a little sweater, but he looked silly in it – he needed a proper coat!



So here we have a very quick and easy coat, because it uses super chunky yarn, and works up in about 30 minutes (chihuahua sized!).


10mm hook

2 balls of contracting colour Cygnet Seriously Chunky

2 coconut buttons





Ch – Chain

FHDC – foundation Half Double Crochet

HDC – Half double crochet

SC – Single Crochet

SS – Slip Stitch


To begin – measure the dog!  measure from the collar to the base of the tail, and the around the dog from the belly around the body of the dog to same place on the other side.

In this case – he is 19cm long, with a girth of 23cm (wider than he is long!).

As a guide – this picture is the shape you are trying to achieve.



Row 1: FHDC 12 (which measures 19cm – the length)

Row 2-16: Ch 2, 11 HDC (which gives the 23cm girth)

You will now have a rectangle (This picture shows the later one I made for his friend so it’s longer!).


In one corner – Ch2, then 3HDC into the top f the HDC, repeat for 12 rows in total and finish off(or until it goes around your dog). This will produce a longer strap which will go around the front of the dog.


At right angles to this – measure half way along the length side of the coat.  Ch 2, 2 HDC, turn.  Repeat this for a further 9 rows, or until it goes around the body of the dog and finish off.

In a contracting colour, join the yarn, and SC all the way around the outside – doing 2 SC in each corner to allow it to turn.



Sew on 2 buttons – opposite to where the long bits that fix the coat in place are.  As the yarn is super chunky – the natural gap in the crocheting means you don’t need to leave a space for the button.



Ta Da, one very quick dog coat – that looks quite fetching on!


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