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A New Hat for Me

I know – hard to believe it!  I made something for me for once.

Jolly old England has been mighty chilly this week.  We had a small (and I mean small) dusting of snow, which completely caught us unaware.  So the wood burner was lit!



The blue one even built  a snowman (yes – that is a snowman!)!


We went dog walking in freezing temperatures, the highlight being able to navigate over a huge frozen puddle!

IMG_1086 IMG_1093

So, back to my new hat.  A lady posted a picture of one she’d made on a facebook page and I had to make this hat!

So armed with her very basic instructions,   chunky yarn, and a hook I got started.


Dark grey, in a circle made to the size of the original designer (Bobwilson123), – who did the V-stitch and the crown.   I then decided was

1. it was too big.

2. I didn’t like the colour!

So I started again, a lighter grey and a size smaller.

………..and then kept going and going and going!



But this was going to be a slouch beanie… so more rows were needed!


Then my own take on the hat – I used my reflective thread on 2 rows of the brim – spaced apart by one normal row.  Pom poms added, and ends all tied in!

I’m loving my new hat!


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