My New Blog Site!

I have a huge thank you to my wonderful husband who has managed to transfer my blog over to a new hosting site.

Amazingly I only started blogging earlier in the year and I was already 94% full on my storage (I obviously post too many photos!).

Being on was great

  • It was free
  • It gave me a chance to see if I was any good at blogging.
  • And it let me see if people wanted to read what I was writing.

But all good things have to come to an end.  So now I’m on

I have fancy new buttons to follow me, and I’m still deciding on what I want as my theme – so this may change in time.

My logo gets shown in the google bar at the top (how cool is that?).

My new blog – found in exactly the same place as my old one, should be live as I type this.  Hopefully all my followers have been ‘migrated’ over?

Pinterest links should hopefully work, we’ve tried a few.

My stats have unfortunately have not made the transition from one  blog to another, so  as a reminder to me they were:

200,161 views (wow!!!!!!!!)

96,503 visitors (double wow!!!!!!!)

and my best day ever for views was 28 July 15  10,528  (Incredible!)

Goodbye – thanks for the journey – hello on

2 thoughts on “My New Blog Site!

  1. Hi Vicki I purchased the crocodile pattern and I’m stuck on the jaw. I’m not understanding the directions. Could you please help. I’m not understanding when at the end of some rows you say ch3 in first cluster, 1ch3,6dc clusters, 1dc?

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