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A Sewing Sunday Morning

The blue one woke up this morning and spied the sewing machine on the table and instantly announced he was going to do some sewing today.

Great – its before 9am, and I’m being ordered around already by a little person I thought!

I then asked the question of what he actually wanted to sew.  This produced a bit of a discussion about whether he just wanted to play with the sewing machine or was he actually going to make anything?

Pinterest was opened for easy kids sewing, and I really liked the look of a reindeer head   but we settled for a case for the crochet hooks he’s hoping to get for Christmas!

Mypoppetmakes – give full instructions on her blog here.

So of course, it being before 9am on a Sunday morning we can’t go and buy anything, so Mummy’s material stash was raided.  After another discussion on inches and cm – he set to work.  One thing to bear in mind, he’s only 8, and he did all this himself!


12.5 inches one way and 12 inches the next.


Then the bit he’d been waiting for – the sewing machine.  Zig zag 2 edges.


Fold it over,


Then time for the pockets


The original design used a bit of tape – but this was for crochet hooks, so crochet  was definitely needed.



So here we have the blue ones crochet hook holder, filled with just a few of my many hooks!


Well done boy!



2 thoughts on “A Sewing Sunday Morning

    1. Thanks! Yep – he’s very technology orientated so will instantly gravitate to anything that has motors/ electricity!

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