Parcel from the other side of the world!

How happy am I?   Stupidly happy is the answer.  My postman has just been, and along with the new Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes Magazines (could it get any better I hear you ask?), there was a parcel from Australia!


Do you want to know whats in it?

Well let me explain a little bit more first.  Back in March this year, when I was asked to make one of the those gorgeous Russian Cloche hats and then I realised that all instructions were in Russian…….. apart from one lovely post which I very luckily found here .  Which then meant I could make the hats below!

hats 23 Apr 15


Along with this post I also  found my BBB  – Best Blog Buddy, Louise from the very funny blog Red Haired Amazona (I seriously recommend a read!)

An unlikely friendship has blossomed over the past 9 months.  We’ve chatted on Skype, message daily, and generally help each other out as crochet sounding boards.  She’s a very talented lady with a bit of an obsession with things of the feathered variety, and yarn of course!

So, my parcel was from Louise!   How exciting,  I couldn’t wait to open it – and inside did not disappoint!

The coolest Christmas card I think I’ve ever seen – a Koala, a card and tree decoration!


A cool teabag bowl (with a bird on it!), because of course being English I drink tea all the time!


And the most exciting thing …. an Original Pearly Bird that Louise wrote the pattern for and I tested it  has flown all the way to “Pommie Land”.

Even better he’s the famous Blue Bazza from her post above!!!!!

So my Koala is now on the tree,



and Blue Bazza has pride of place amongst the Baubles too!  Louise has told me a need to “give him a beer and a snag every few months!”.  I think he’ll be an easy pet!

Thank you Louise!




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