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A chevron blanket

Sorry I haven’t been here for a while.  I’ve been frantically busy crocheting and doing DIY in time for Christmas.  I can finally share with you one of the projects I’ve been working on – A chevron blanket for my husband.

It’s been one of those projects that’s been hidden away whenever he’s been home with the children sworn to secrecy about what I’ve been making!

It hasn’t been an easy project- it’s stopped and started a few times, not because of the pattern, which can be found here.  But because of the yarn choice, hook size and then the width caused me problems.

I initially started with Stylecraft DK – based on Lucy from Attic 24’s singing endorsements…….  So dk and a 5mm hook I set to work, but following the instruction the blanket was only 70cm wide – it was far too small and it looked too holey, the white seemed too thin, and didn’t look nice….. but I got this far before calling it a day!

PlanB: a 3.5mm hook and double the size of initial chain.

Well this one would fit for size, but it still seemed too thin for the White yarn.  Also it was going to take an age to make….. so I stopped again

Plan C:  Stylecraft Chunky in white, graphite and denim (oh dear another order from The Woolwarehouse needed!)…….. 6mm hook and……

Finally I seemed to be getting somewhere!  This was more like it!

Here we have his Christmas present – a Chevron blanket which he really liked!   Now the blue one is asking why he hasn’t got a blanket when everyone else has….. Queue the next project!

Oh and I need  to find something to make with lots of dk in white and graphite!


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