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Introducing the new girls……

About a month ago I looked in the chicken coop and realised that my flock (I use the word lightly!), had been depleted.  We only had 4 big girls left and weren’t getting any eggs!!!

So a trip to Thornes, which is affectionately known as “The Chicken Place” in our house, bright and early one Saturday morning was called for.

A quick stop by the Rhea Pen, with Cuddles the school teddy bear.


Then time to pick the chickens.  I always get different chickens, so I can tell who’s laid which eggs and for a little bit of variety!  Choices choices…..


Mine was easy – Venus the Bluebell, lays a “normal brown egg”


The pink one chose next, Serena, the Maran Cuvee, who will lay dark brown eggs.


The blues chose, a very friendly Silver Nick, brown eggs, and called her the very original name of Hen Solo!IMG_4485


And finally the skyline, who’ll lay blue eggs!  We struggled for a name for this girl, so I posted on Facebook, and my Mum of all people came up with a perfect name……..are you ready?


The pecking order has finally been worked out, Chloe is still top chicken!

IMG_4130 IMG_4496 IMG_4484 IMG_4499

Even more exciting….We got this a few days ago!


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