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A poem and a picture

My little boy is very clever, well I would say that, I’m his Mummy!  He loves Maths and Science, and his reading is brilliant, but trying to get him to write anything and thats a whole other story!

He hates literacy, really can’t see why he’s writing things, and handwriting, well, well why write anything when you can type it?

So imagine our surprise when we find out he’s been writing poems!  It all started when he learnt at school about the “The Land of the Ning Nang Nong” – a wonderful poem by the hugely talented (and a little bit out there), Spike Milligan.

Then on a daily basis we got a poem from him (admittedly he was supposed to be going to sleep – but when creative talent flows……).

This one is my favourite one.


I love his Phonics.  It takes a while to learnt to think phonically, when you can just read – but it makes perfect sense really!

So, how could I make this extra special to remember the effort he put into it????

Crochet of course!


So Here’s what I can up with……… It has pride of place in the hall, so I see everytime I come into the house.


And all together…..


1 thought on “A poem and a picture

  1. This is just so beautiful! It looks amazing. There are so many of our kids drawings and pieces of writing we could do this too. Well done Leo and Mum xox

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