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The Wedding

Any one who has been following my blog for a while will know my sister was getting married, and I was asked to make some things for her.

Well – the big day was a couple of weeks ago now, and she’s said I can share some photos with you.   My Mum made and decorated the cake, all different sponge cakes – wonderful job Mum – but almost a disaster as one of the dogs got out and almost jumped in the boot of the car as it was being loaded to get to the venue!!!!!!

Amazingly I didn’t get a proper picture of my sister, and her beautiful dress.

I also didn’t get a proper one of my Mum’s bolero that I spent ages making, or the owl and the pussy cat I made for the reading, or the Virus shawl for me to wear in the evening that I was frantically finishing at 8am before taking my daughter to the hairdressers, or the wonderful table settings…………  but you’ll get the idea.

Congratulations Sis!

So anyway – this post will just be photos now……..

IMG_3411 IMG_3414 IMG_3415 IMG_3416 IMG_3417 IMG_3419 IMG_3436 IMG_3438 IMG_3442 IMG_3462 IMG_3471 IMG_3512 IMG_3549 IMG_3576 IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3590 IMG_3592 IMG_3599 IMG_3638 IMG_3662 IMG_3663 IMG_0055 IMG_0062 IMG_3667

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