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The Shark Pattern – an Update to Video links

The number of people looking at my blog post on the Shark still amazes me, as I type this I’ve had over 100000 hits on that page alone,  and they come from pretty much everywhere in the world!


A few people have asked for videos, of which I made a few already – but  I’m please to share the remanding few to help you make a complete shark with you today (finally).

So, for a full run down of how to make the shark via the clever technology that is Youtube……….I’ve even managed to set up a playlist 

The tail video can be watched here.

The Body of the shark can be watched here.

How to stop increasing the body can be watched here.

The shark Jaws shape can be watched here.

The Gums and teeth can be watched here.

The Fin can be watched here.

The eyes can be watched here.

and finally the building of the shark (of which I thought I had recorded more – but on an edit I hadn’t! – sorry)

I’m still getting loads of finished sharks being sent to me and I love seeing every single one!  You can see some of them here.


Free crochet shark blanket

7 thoughts on “The Shark Pattern – an Update to Video links

    1. What is a boogie? I don’t have anything else shark related other than the blanket….. But i might be up for the challenge!

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