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The Handmade fair

I was very lucky to get a free ticket to the handmade fair courtesy of my friend Odd Bobbin.  She’s into anything Vintage, sewing and basically anything arty!

Off we went, after school drop off to Hampton Court Palace.  We had a system with the shopping tents – around the outside, then up the middle aisles.

IMG_4077 IMG_4078

I was very good and managed to resist until the 3rd stall (!) we visited before making a purchase……. this lovely string based yarn I thought would be great for bag!  It’s from India and was a bargain at only £10 for all 4 balls.


There was everything on sale, from Laser cut wood shapes, to sliver jewellery based on a sewing theme.

Beautiful glassware, wonderful indian carved blocks used for printing fabric and paper (I resisted buying these)


IMG_4101 IMG_4103 IMG_4089 IMG_4092

There was stalls selling paper craft, loads of material stalls selling fat quarters a plenty.  There were vintage stalls selling lovely items from cake stands to chalkboards and buttons.

Vintage 1960’s linen thread caught Odd Bobbins eye, and ended up going home with her!

IMG_4100 IMG_4095

My favourite stall of all was Flossy Teacake.  Amazing pottery houses based on the village where she lives!  The details were amazing, from the veg outside the potting shed, to the fish and chip shop and the Helter Skelter with it’s 25p a go, 5 goes for £1 sign.

IMG_4086 IMG_4085 IMG_4084 IMG_4083 IMG_4082 IMG_4081

I hear you asking – what about crochet???  Well, I was a little disappointed to discover there weren’t that many stands selling yarn!  The Edwards menagerie stall caught my eye until I felt the yarn they used to make the toys – and it looked lovely but felt really itchy (I should add I’m allegric to real wool!)!

There was only one stall selling any hand dyed yarn, and on this occasion I couldn’t justify hoarding anymore yarn!

There were 4 stalls selling crocheted items, and it was nice to see ‘proper’ prices on the items which reflected the wool costs and time.

And then there was this stall, which I still can’t work out what it was selling but it had the most beautifully intricate crochet scarves for sale made by a lady called Sophia Digard.  Apparently they take about 3 weeks to make each!  They were so soft, and the stitch work was perfect.  All individual squares hand sown together, the amount of effort was clear to see, so I wasn’t at all surprised to see a price tag of £290 on one of the scarves…… although saying that 3 weeks work plus materials seem cheap when you say it like that!

IMG_4097 IMG_4098

I’ve collected so many business cards, I think I’m going to melt my wifi connection looking up all the great designers and companies that were there!

4 thoughts on “The Handmade fair

  1. Those crocheted scarves look amazing! It’s good to see crocheters pricing their work properly considering all the hard work that goes into them. They are more like pieces of art work and deserve to be seen as such. Love a good handmade market!

  2. That would have been wonderful. Looks like there were lots of wonderful things.
    But boy would I’ve have gotten in trouble with Thanks for sharing.
    Dar Brown

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