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The chickens are out!!!!

I’ve mentioned my girls before, they live at the bottom of the garden in a bright purple eglu.  Then they have a  huge run to walk around and generally peck at the ground all day.  During the summer to protect my garden, they stay in the run, but when the veggies are almost finished in the garden they are allowed out to have the garden……  So today was that day!

IMG_4255 IMG_4248 IMG_4231

They are supposed to stay in the veggie garden, but are currently positioned right by the back door!


We are down to 4 big girls – general old age has taken its toll, so now we have Chloe (above), Mo, Mandeville and Daley!

IMG_4280 IMG_4285 IMG_4294

For anyone who knows my dog, Monty, this a day we didn’t think would happen.  He chases everything that will move!  But not – it appears the chickens!

IMG_4318 IMG_4260

Harmony in the garden … apart from the school guinea pigs (which we have to stay currently)!  I don’t think the day will ever come he can go out in the garden with them, even though they are in a run!


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