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A bit absent lately…… Then the Great British Bake Off????

Hola, as they say in Spain!  So the wedding was brilliant – more photos will come in a separate post – I need to do it justice really (and ask my Sis if I can post pictures!).


A whirlwind weekend, then we ditched the yucky UK weather and headed to Lanzarote….. Sunshine, and a pool and kids club!  What more could we ask……


I still crocheted a bit, and then relaxed by the pool, swam and the kids learned to dive……

Back home early this morning, and after waking the kids up at 10am…. Yep!!!!!!  They’ve decided to have a bake off.

I’m very proud I’ve let them both cook from a very early age – and they both love it.  But today was competition time – Banana and oat muffins……..

IMG_4053 IMG_4057 IMG_4055

One went digital, the other old school with his sweet shop scales and oz weights

IMG_4060 IMG_4064 IMG_4066

All by themselves, they made the mixes………. and loaded the cases

IMG_4067 IMG_4073 IMG_4079

In true bake off criteria, all muffins should look the same, have the same consistency, and size………. ummmmmm

IMG_4078 IMG_4082 IMG_4083

20 minutes later………

thumb_IMG_4089_1024 thumb_IMG_4090_1024 thumb_IMG_4094_1024

I can confirm they are both delicious, but the winner has to be the blue one’s – with a more consistent shape!

Now – I wonder who was left to clear up the mess……


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