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Exmoor Fun including a prize!

We disappeared off to Exmoor this weekend, and when I say disappeared we pretty much did as were not contactable by phone! In the middle of the valley there was no phone signal!  In fact there was no phone signal for until about an hour away!

So we set off from home, and what was supposed to be a 4 and half  hour journey, turned into a mammoth 8 hour journey.  Luckily my husband was coming from London, and we were so late we picked him up en route.  This however did leave us with the predicament of putting a brand new – never put up before tent – up in the dark!


But we managed it!  Then sat round a roaring camp fire getting warm!


The following day we headed to Lynmouth and Lynton.  Spectacular views, even more spectacular roads to get you to the valley, and great driving to get us to the bottom, and back up the top.  When you see a road with emergency escape lanes, you’ve got to be worried!

thumb_IMG_3355_1024So we went to the grey beach on the right.  Nestled in the middle of a valley, that then had a little funicular railway to take you up the top the other side.


The view from the top was again – just amazing.


So the purpose of the 8 hour nightmare journey was to take part in a dog show.  Luna (on the left), our Exmoor lurcher and her brother Wilfie were bred here, and collected from here about 4 years ago.

thumb_IMG_3321_1024So the dog show has a special trophy for the most  dog family members you can get together.  The breeder put out a plea on Facebook, and that’s how we ended up here.

So with the blacksmiths,

thumb_IMG_3100_1024 thumb_IMG_3101_1024The archery,

thumb_IMG_0036_1024and the Lurcher show we were pretty much set for the day.

So travelling all this way – it seemed silly not to enter Luna and Wilfie, and Monty into a lurcher class.

It was all very tense.

thumb_IMG_3183_1024Initially there were about 16 dogs in the over 23 inches rough coated lurcher class (??)

We were narrowed down to 8, and then to a further 4…… and Luna was still in the running!!!!  Knowing they give a rosette for the first 4 places we were guaranteed something……. but what would it be????


She did brilliantly – and we got 2nd!  Only beaten by her litter mate Dylan who too had travelled up for the show (and he went on to win the championship so we did really well!!!).

Then for the family group judging….

thumb_IMG_3209_1024All dogs in the photo are from the same line of lurchers started by the breeders father over 60 years ago.  21 of us turned up, our nearest and only competition were the grand total of……….  2!!!!!  We retained the cup for the Exmoor Lurchers!


Then with the proper show over the children wanted a go.  The blue one did amazingly well.

thumb_IMG_3236_1024Junior dog handler aged 7 and under goes to……..  He got 1st!


Then back to the campsite, where the following day the dog relatives that were staying there all had a really good run around together!

thumb_IMG_3327_1024 thumb_IMG_3326_1024
thumb_IMG_3317_1024 thumb_IMG_3304_1024

Then it was goodbye to Exmoor, I wanted to take photos of the views…. but in true English weather, it rained the last day, so you’d only see grey clouds.


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