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Yarnbombing the local town (Unfortunately not by me!)!

I am very lucky to live in a part of the UK that loves Crochet and Yarn.  Last year the local college about 3 miles down the road had a Yarn Festival called …. wait for it….. Festiwool!

Did I go – I hear you ask?

Well I bought the tickets, arranged with a friend to go, and then I ended up here!  The kids loved it!


Yep – Disneyland Paris!  We had a ball …. but no yarn in sight (apart from some crochet stars as you are allowed to take hooks etc on the train!).

So this year – it’s a must!


Must put it on the calendar now!

So – Back to my Yarnbombing experience, this is the first I have seen, and my am I so jealous not to have been involved!  I still can’t believe I missed the thing!

It’s in a local churchyard.  You can enter by one of 4 gates.  All very cleverly labelled to tell people what is going on!


thumb_IMG_2778_1024There was this amazing tree,

thumb_IMG_2782_1024 thumb_IMG_2783_1024

then everywhere I looked there was something else to see!

thumb_IMG_2781_1024 thumb_IMG_2791_1024 thumb_IMG_2807_1024 thumb_IMG_2808_1024

The rubbish bin was inspired!  Actually seeing it being used was brilliant!

thumb_IMG_2821_1024The detail was lovely – from fruit trees

thumb_IMG_2829_1024 thumb_IMG_2830_1024to buttons


To a fairy and her little house!thumb_IMG_2839_1024 thumb_IMG_2840_1024 thumb_IMG_2838_1024

Crocheted dangling bits


And some knitting for passers by.  I tried to crochet some chain (not being a knitter) – and boy is it hard without a hook!


But I think my favourite has to be the granny squares.

thumb_IMG_2795_1024 thumb_IMG_2793_1024

Thank you yarnbombers!  You really truly made my day!

One of the ladies who did this can be found here – She has the best tea pot covers you’ve ever seen!

3 thoughts on “Yarnbombing the local town (Unfortunately not by me!)!

  1. Thank you so much for the link to Woolly Chic’s web site and the lovely blog post about Hitchin’s yarnbombing! If we do something like this again, I will definitely let you know and you can get involved next time.

    I noticed that on the poster of Festiwool the date is wrong! Festiwool will take place on 14th November 2015. I hope you can make it and I will let the organisers of Festiwool know that their poster needs changing!!!

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