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Triangle Bunting

I was going camping and needed some bunting.  I know what your say….. “Who needs bunting on a tent?” Well I did.  Luckily my friend had bought some of amazon, along with these lovely little twinkling fairy lights.  Our tents looked seriously cool!

So I digress,

Bunting of the crochet variety was in order, which only got finished on the second morning of the holiday!


I’ve loads of left overs of Stylecraft DK from the rainbow blankets I’d been making, so red pen, my “school exercise book”, and my hook in hand ….. granny triangles were born.


Hook size: 4mm

Yarn: Stylecraft DK

Terms: USA terms

Round 1: Using 1 colour ,Chain (CH) 6, and SS (Slip Stitch) over to make a ring.


Round 2: Using the same colour, CH 3, 2DC (Double crochet) in the ring.  CH 3, 3 DC in the ring, CH 3, 3 DC in the ring, CH 3 and SS over to the top of the first chain 3, and fasten off.  (3 DC Clusters)


Round 3: Change colour.  Start in the CH 3 gap.  Chain 3, 2DC in the gap, CH1, 3 DC in the gap.  CH2.  In the next gap 3DC, CH1, 3DC,  CH2 and in the next gap, 3DC, Ch1, 3DC, then CH2 and SS to the top of the CH3.  Fasten off  (6 DC clusters)


Round 4: Change colour.  Start in a Ch1 gap.  Ch3, 2DC, Ch1, 3DC, CH2, in the next gap, 3DC, Ch2, in the next corner, 3DC, Ch1, 3DC, Ch2 to the next gap, 3DC in the gap, CH2 to the next gap, then 3DC, CH1, 3DC, CH2. 3DC in the next gap, CH2.  SS over to the top of the CH3.  Fasten off. (9 DC Clusters)


Round 5: Change colour.  Start in one of the corners (points).  CH3, 2DC, CH1, 3DC, CH2.  In the next gap, 3DC CH2, In the next gap 3DC, CH2, in the corner, 3DC CH1, 3DC, CH2, Next gap 3DC CH2, next gap, 3DC Ch2,  In the corner, 3DC, CH1, 3DC, CH2, in the next gap, 3DC, CH2, in the next gap, 3DC Ch2, SS over to the top of the chain 3.  (12 DC clusters).


Round 6: Same as before – change colour.  Start in a corner and do Ch3, 2DC, Ch1, 3DC, CH2.  In the next gaps 3DC, CH2 until you come to a corner and then repeat the 3DC Ch1 3DC…. and carry on like this.

I stopped after this round.


And joined them together using a long Chain, but slip stitching them in the gaps to make sure they weren’t going to blow away in the wind.

thumb_IMG_3078_1024 thumb_IMG_2567_1024 thumb_IMG_2568_1024

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