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Geocaching and a few pictures of the garden

A bad week for the iMac and Photos behaving themselves.  The new camera has been put to good use (it still doesn’t have a name though), but could I get them into my blog easily?  No.  

I’ve had to upload them to photos, then copy and paste them to a folder on teh desk top.  I mentioned this to the technical one in the family, who googled to no avail.  Then he did what any right minded person would do….. turn off the iMac and turn it on again = problem fixed!

So I sit here looking at the photos trying to find what to write about.  It could be our Geocaching trip.  For those who don’t know about this (you can look at the official website here) – it’s a great activity that with a smartphone is free!  The kids love it, a proper treasure hunt!  You follow the GPS coordinates to a Geochache locations and then try to find it.


Sometimes we’re lucky!


On this occasion we only found 1 of the 2.  But we did find a field of peas growing which we hoped the farmer wouldn’t miss 3 pods!

IMG_1652IMG_1692 IMG_1718Then from amazing countryside to the garden.

Alliums are getting ready to burst.


As are the Echinacea.


The Achillea is in full yellow bloom,


with a mystery pink one flowering too.


The Helliums are just beautiful, and attracting lots of  bees.


While the Verbena seems to have the attention of the butterflies.


The Monarda (I think it is) – is amazing in its flower formation.


IMG_1436But I had best be off now, watching the Wimbledon Mens Final while typing, and being called to make Lego………..

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  1. I joined a geocaching site here in Kangaroo land a couple of years ago, keep meaning to take the boys, get email alerts when geocachers find caches around melbourne, but still haven’t done it!

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