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A very purple field

Just around the corner from where I live,  and I kind of do mean just around the corner, I could walk there in maybe 30 minutes, drive there in 10, there is the most amazing field I have ever set eyes on in my life.

Every year in June and July, we are very lucky to be able to visit here.

IMG_3037A field full of beautiful purple lavender. 

It’s called Hitchin Lavender, and is absolutely beautiful.

It smells absolutely amazing, just like you’d expect.  You can walk up and down the rows and you just smell amazing afterwards!


But what really hits you, is the noise.  Its completely alive with hundreds of thousands of bees.  All busily collecting the nectar.

IMG_2018A few butterflies put in a visit too.

Rows upon rows of this beautiful plant.



Everyone gets a bag and some scissors cut themselves some.

IMG_2025 IMG_2039


IMG_2088 IMG_3052

So a few bags of lavender collected, what to do next?

Running of course

IMG_2149 IMG_2154

Then home with a wonderful bag to remember this visit for days to come.  Can you see the bee, still hoping the flowers can deliver?


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