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A Parallel Universe?

I wasn’t going to write anything today – but it’s been such an extraordinary day I can’t resist.

I woke up this morning and carried out my usual task of walking the dogs at 6am.  Another car was parked where I normally park in the completely empty car park, but I didn’t really think anything of it.  The dog walk was as always, dogs run and chase imaginary things in the rape seed, and jumping like gazelles.  It wasn’t until I got home that strange things started to happen.

7am, and both children were wake, and dressed ready for French day at school.  They’d eaten breakfast by 7.30am, and had brushed their teeth.  All this without me having to ask????

So not only did I not have to wake them up – I didn’t have to ask them to do any of the things I usually would be pulling my hair out trying to get them to do!

Then in an even more bizarre twist of events, the Blue One set the chess set up and was teaching a very incompetent Pink One to play chess???  All this before 8am!

I asked my friends what they thought had happened.  One very kindly suggested

“You’ve been drugged and kidnapped by a secret spy agency. They’ve spirited you away to an island where they’ve built a house and village that looks exactly like home. They’ve replaced your family with highly trained actors. Who are actually aliens.”  Louise – I think I might have to agree with you!

So, drop off at school, penultimate day, and everything seems normal.  A normal day then ensues.  I try my hand at Granny “square” triangles (can I even call them that as they are Triangles?).  Made up the pattern as I knew what I wanted but didn’t find anything on a quick google that fit the bill.


Then collect Pink one and Blue One from school.  Out in the garden where I try my hand a few more triangles and Blue One announces he’d like another crochet lesson.

I’ve tried to teach him a few times before now.  He’s tries really hard, but somehow his hands don’t do what his brain is telling him to do, He is only 7.

So lesson commences with me thinking it just isn’t going to happen again, when low and behold………

A bit if intensive coaching with all our hands everywhere…


He only manages to do chain on his own!!!!!  then rather than giving up, he carries on…….. and on…… and on!  (He’s still going now!)



Not bad tension my boy!

I’m amazed and an incredibly proud Mummy!

Meanwhile, the Pink One (who also wanted a lesson but only being 5 and left handed was a task too far for me), decided she was going to help cook dinner (This again is very very odd).

Homemade chicken nuggets.   Flour.  Eggs from the girls.

thumb_IMG_2448_1024 thumb_IMG_2444_1024

Wholemeal seeded bread from the cupboard whizzed in the mixer.



Then shallow fry in a little oil and butter…… Viola (Can you tell it’s been French Day?).


And tasty they were too!


Now – I think I’m being played.

They are lulling me into a false sense of security.  We all know, that as of 2pm tomorrow afternoon we are embarking on 6 weeks of each others company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, also known as the school holidays!

This is the time when mothers and fathers relish in the challenge of “I’m bored”.  Watch this space to see how we get on….. I have a feeling it will be an interesting 6 weeks!

2 thoughts on “A Parallel Universe?

    1. They are in my shorthand currently – I was frantically making them to use as bunting for a camping trip (which has been cut short due to weather and the wind)….. I’ll try and write them up in the next couple of days! Glad you like them!

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