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I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve been super busy.  The pinks ones 5th Birthday party was last weekend.  Predictably it rained all day … why oh why do we insist on getting a bouncy castle in the garden every year and every year it rains!  You’d of thought in June we’d be safe – but oh no!

Anyway I digress, This blog post is about my day out at a garden show.  It’s held at the NEC in Birmingham, and my friend and I now go as I kind of tradition.  We think this is our 4th time going, and we took another friend too.  So children looked after by in laws, off we set at 7.30am, arriving a couple of hours later at our destination.

We visit the show gardens first, hopefully to get some ideas before it gets too busy.  Apologies for the Camera phone pictures – I’d waned to tae my posh camera but that is a whole other story!


The garden (below) was designed by a guy who was second on the great Chelsea challenge or something like that.  My and my friend kept looking at him – about 40 minutes later I remembered who he was!  He designed a garden with cut off wine bottles which were set in big bits of black wood.  Not something I’d necessarily do – but it looked quite effective.


IMG_2145IMG_2146IMG_2147IMG_2149IMG_2150IMG_2151IMG_2152Lots of striking colours in the gardens, and some great water features.  No hugely new and amazing plants, but the appearance of Fox and Hounds was a surprise.

I bought some a couple of years ago, and it spreads and spreads!  I keep digging mine up and giving to friends, but this year it’s looking pretty good.

IMG_1935(My word the difference between a phone and a proper camera is amazing).

The best show garden in my opinion anyway,  wasn’t allowed to be judged properly.  It was a community one, and was a house.  Everywhere and everything was plants!  I loved the windows as you looked through, and the bath was great!  Everyone walked through it and everybody was smiling!

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2160

Show gardens done – It was breakfast time!IMG_2163Watch a bit of filming for Gardeners World with Joe Swift (my friend posing nicely)



Then time to hit the Floral Marque

IMG_2172 IMG_2171 IMG_2170 IMG_2169

IMG_2174 IMG_2175

Shopping and amazing flowers…..IMG_2183 IMG_2176Every year we do a selfie – this years Lillies, last years was Lupins!  Then for more shopping outside.

IMG_2182 IMG_2181 IMG_2179 IMG_2180

We shopped and filled the car!IMG_2188


And then when we got home and unloaded…… it looked so small and not many plants at all.


For once I wanted to get them in the ground quickly (they normally sit in pots for a while).

thumb_IMG_2300_1024 thumb_IMG_2299_1024

Luckily my Dad came to the rescue (I have been organising a birthday party!)

thumb_IMG_2301_1024 thumb_IMG_2303_1024

A wonderful day with friends, and the weather was great.  Can’t wait to see my new plants growing and blending in.

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  1. Good Ole dad to the planting rescue! I love gardening shows. We have the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show here in March which sadly, I missed this year. All your plants look lovely. I especially love those wooden mushrooms! They look great in your garden!

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