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A gardening week (and a dog walk)

It’s been over a week since I’ve posted anything really.  It’s been a horrible week – which I wish I could rewind and start all over again.

But here are a few photos of what I’ve done since my last post – not many words today!



IMG_1890The birds got one too!

IMG_1818 IMG_1819

IMG_0005The sunken deck is a wonderful refuge – and the sun is finally shining today!

IMG_0052 IMG_1891The roses finally starting to bloom.thumb_IMG_1931_1024 thumb_IMG_1932_1024 thumb_IMG_1933_1024My dog walks have been my saviours this week.  A walk in the countryside with 2 lunatic lurchers for company.  6am, us and the rabbits = heaven for everyone!  Monty and Luna are rubbish hunters – but run around in circles pretending to be Gazelles!



thumb_IMG_1897_1024Here’s to a better week next week.  I need more crochet and a LOT less incidents!

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