I lost my Crojo!

Last week I hate to admit it – but I just didn’t want to crochet.  I know – hard to believe, but I was all crocheted out.  I’d look at Pinterest for hours (like normal), but just not get any inspiration from it.  I have no idea why – but the thought of picking up a hook and crafting anything just didn’t appeal.  My Crojo was gone.

I’m not sure if its because I have a lot of things part made – and when I say a lot – let me show them to you.

I have a Catniss Everdeen inspired cowl.


A purse ready for the sewing bit.


A headband for my daughter waiting for flowers


The neck of a top I’m making – but the weather is awful so no chance of wearing it


3 hats ready for flowers


A flower that would take all of 5 minutes to finish


A ballet cardigan that I didn’t finish for my daughters show on Sunday – she froze in a field.


A mermaid tail for a present


A tulip with only 2 petals so far.


A beautiful rainbow blankets that’s been in a box since February


So in total – 10 works in progress (or WIPs), all waiting for me to get around to them.

I didn’t crochet for a few days.  I still looked at Pinterest but seeing the same pins as always  and nothing inspired me to pick up a hook at get going again

But then something strange has happened and I’ve not idea what!

I want to crochet again – I don’t know what exactly.  So now I have a problem thats even harder to solve.

Do I finish the 10 WIPs before starting something new (or maybe even just one of them)?????

Or do I make what I’m now itching to make……. My Crojo is definitely back!

A star blanket for my son,  an owl and a pussy cat in a beautiful pea green boat, some jar covers, a beautiful clutch bag for me the list is endless………………

7 thoughts on “I lost my Crojo!

  1. Oh I can really relate to this. I have so many things started and so many to do’s I am wanting to start and then it was as if I was bored??! Actually, I think I over whelmed myself. I took a couple days and did other things…neglected housework…lol. Then came back to it and finished 3 of my unfinished projects!! Yippee!! Then they sold over the weekend!! This has never happened before but my biggest joy was actually completing 3 projects :).

  2. Beautiful pictures. I have found that delegating certain times to multiple different projects then I can finish them more quickly and not become bored with just one pattern as quickly

  3. All gorgeous pieces you’re working on! I’ve paired myself down to 4 wips now! And I’ve banned myself from starting anymore until they’re all finished. Super hard to do because my mind is brimming with new ideas!

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