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Hunting for Shaun the Sheep in the City

Shaun the Sheep in hiding in London!!!  Completely true. Why – I hear you ask?  Well to raise money for Childrens Hospitals – but they are only here until 25th May (just before half term???)

There are 50 Shauns hiding in and around Famous Landmarks in the capital – so on Bank holiday Monday we set off to find as many as we could.

App downloaded, phones charged – we got on the train and 45 minutes later we were set to find our first Shaun.

We decided to do the Shirley Trail (a big fat sheep) which was centered around St Paul’s Cathedral- an area of London I’ve never been to before.

There will be lots of photos in the blog – from landmarks to Shauns and just generally having a wonderful day in London.


This was our first Shaun –  Fine and Candy, closely followed by Woolly Wiggle designed by Zandra Rhodes.


The view of St Pauls was lovely, as we ambled to our next find.

IMG_0044 IMG_0046 IMG_0047A Capital View – this Shaun was amazing……

IMG_0049 IMG_0052

A Chelsea Pen-Shaun-er – a wonder sheep – but the people ahead of us taking photos must have taken about 100 photos of just this one sheep!  I kid you not…… some of the sheep on its own, then some with the child and the sheep, some with the nanny and the sheep, some with nanny and the child and the sheep, some with the dad and the sheep, then the child and the dad and the sheep….. then you’ve guessed it 0 the child, the nanny, the dad and the sheep.  Can you really need that many photos???


This one was sponsored by the City of Bristol – “Sheep, Shape and Bristol Fashion”IMG_1250

Then my favourite – Out of this world – the detail was incredible.

IMG_1252IMG_0061Like you do – then Blue one climbed up a lampost with his like this……

IMG_1261So all of these are just next to St Paul’s still…… (Spot the Bristol sheep in the distance).  Then we found Baa-roque, Literary Lamb and Hamish!


IMG_0067 IMG_0071 IMG_0075

Time to head across the river now…..  on the well known ‘wobbly bridge’ that now doesn’t wobble!  (It did when it was opened for the Millennium and they had to close it and fix it!).  So now we have amazing views of The Shard, The Tate Modern, Tower Bridge, the Globe Theatre (where Shakespeare plays were performed behind pinks one head), and the Walkie Talkie.

IMG_0081 IMG_0079 IMG_0094 IMG_0092 IMG_0095

Outside the Globe was “To Sheep perchance to Dream”


The Tate modern is an amazing structure.  last time I went about 9 years ago the space was filled with exhibits.  Now we seemed the have the best area in the world to go running…….

IMG_0112 IMG_0117 IMG_0137

Resting outside the Tate Modern was Br-ewe-nel.

IMG_0148Then a walk along the river where we joined the Timmy Trail.


IMG_1268Where we found Frida Baa-hlo, closely followed by Pinky Plum back across the river now.

IMG_1275Into Covent garden now – where luckily we picked up a map as the phone battery died!  We found Candy Baa and Another rides the Bus here!

IMG_1278 IMG_1283Last 2 sheep to find, and we got lost!  But then we found them.  One sponsored by Cath Kidston – Paradise Bunch, and finally Flash.IMG_0152 IMG_0156

We were shattered!  We still have 33 to find, but that will be for another day maybe – if we can get there before they go on holiday to Bristol until the Summer holidays when 120 come back!!!!!  There will be sheep everywhere.

Have you got a favourite?

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