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A bluebell wood anyone?

Last year, after living in the same place for nearly 8 years, I discovered in a magazine (of all places) that we live pretty close to a bluebell wood!  So as a lone bluebell has comer into flower in the garden we ventured out last weekend.

I would of posted this last weekend however Apple and iMac have very kindly updated their software from the completely unusable iPhoto to Photos (like on your phone).  “Yippee” you can hear me cry….. until I realise that I can’t find the photos I have just uploaded…. I need to wait a day or so.

So without further delay…….

IMG_0347It really is beautiful here.  The birch trees are just coming into leaf so are this amazing lime green which contrasts beautifully with the bluebells.

IMG_0373The smell of the bluebells is very overpowering, yet so distinctive too.

IMG_0372Of course, being a wood, there are trees to climb,

IMG_0351and dens to play in.  But what is better than running down a hill at full speed????

IMG_0484 IMG_0332

IMG_0473(He’s going too fast to focus!)

IMG_0466We had a great time.  Let me leave you with some more bluebells……. I bet you can imagine the smell can’t you?

IMG_0331 IMG_1040 IMG_0480 IMG_0350 IMG_0330IMG_0416

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