The school cake sale

It’s my children’s school cake sale today – make any cakes you want – donate them and they spend the proceeds in the school.  Sounds easy……..

I usually make what I call a standard cupcake – iced with butter icing (or frosting to some), and made to look a bit pretty.

This time – after looking at The Whoot  and Glorious Treats they had these fantastic Hydrangea looking cupcakes (see below – these are theirs – not mine) – so I thought – hey – why not give those a go!


Kitchenaid at the ready, I made my basic cupcake mix – a one bowl  mix as I can’t be bothered with creaming etc!

225g self raising flour

225g sugar (ideally caster – but granulated fine)

225g stork margarine

4 eggs (from the chickens in the garden- so large to extra large)

1 teaspoon baking powder

milk until the mixture is a a bit runny – approximately 50 mL


Heat the oven to 170 degrees C (it’s a fan oven), and 24 cake cases filled later…. IMG_0489

About 25-28 minutes later and ……..IMG_0490

For the icing – a spoon of butter, loads of icing sugar, lemon juice and milk until it looks right (sorry – not very helpful at all!).  The I used these colours – you only need a tiny amount – the end of a skewer or each – and then I didn’t fully mix it all together to get the right effect.IMG_0491

Pipe using a star nozzle – pretty little flowers around on the top of the cake!IMG_0493

In hindsight – I think I over mixed my colours and the icing was a little runny…. but they still tasted delicious!


I hope they sell today!

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