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Finally some decent weather

Here is the UK I’m told we are lucky to have 4 distinct seasons – but personally I’m so over winter it’s silly, and spring is here – well trying to be!


I went a bit crazy with a bulb catalogue in the autumn, spent over £100 on bulbs which seems like a good idea at the time…. until I had to plant them!

I can confirm – I hate planting bulbs!

But I do like the results when they finally start growing.

IMG_0356These will all be tulips – no idea what colour though!

And I seem to have some mutant tiny daffodils – they are only about an inch high!

IMG_0355The girls came out free ranging – but they trashed my flowerbed – so that might of been their last time until the autumn – we’ll have to see if I’m feeling generous!

IMG_0348 IMG_0346 IMG_0361And Sherbert and Dhylis had a mooch too


I love primroses – I bought these a while ago – and still haven’t got round to putting them in the garden – I think I’ll just enjoy them by the back door for a little while longer.IMG_0351

And these ones are wild self seeded!  I do love a free plant brought in by the birds.IMG_0380We went to the garden centre yesterday – to get some more bird food – and came back with these!

IMG_0353 IMG_0357

Then as it was a nice day here – about 13 degrees centigrade – the kids thought it was warmer than it was…… they suddenly appeared downstairs like this!  IMG_0394

The got soaked!  Luckily we have an outside mixer tap – so it was warm water, but all of a sudden they realised it was cooler than they thought and got dry and dressed pretty sharpish!

In typical British weather – its raining today and miserable!

More crochet coming soon – just what you need to do on a rainy day!

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