A Workshop – Time to learn crochet?

So a few days ago I held my first workshop teaching 2 lovely ladies how to crochet. These were officially named my guinea pigs!

So they were asked to come to my freshly tidied and hoovered house at 9.30am.  Told to bring themselves and that was all that was needed.

I’d made cakes the day before – delightful little cupcakes.  All planned as my cupcake holder will fit 13 and I knew the pink and blue one would want a cake – leaving exactly the right number………..  what I didn’t plan for was that my husband would help himself too!

Spot the carefully placed cake stand hopefully not highlighting the space at the back?


So now with 12 cakes on the stand – hey – might as well let the kids have another one each now!

Yarn was wound (Sorry awful photo)


Hooks at the ready.  Cups of tea made, the lesson commenced.


Objective – to teach “how to make a granny square” in 2 hours!

This is where I have a small confession.  See the grey and blue square on the right?  Yep – that’s my first ever granny square – made a couple of weeks ago when I asked the ladies to come round!

I’ve never really been into granny squares as crocheted item!

But they do teach the basics very nicely.  Chain, Slip Stitch and Double Crochet (I chose US terms knowing lots of patterns are online now)

Out of the huge array of colours to choose from – they both chose similar ones to the 2 examples I’d made!

Here’s a couple of photos of them crocheting!

11180136_10153178565816900_45777022_n (1) 11186272_10153178565741900_875738559_n 11195328_10153178565901900_497614135_n

IMG_0993 IMG_0992

Do you want to see what they made?


I asked for honest feedback…….

“Thank you so much for your beginners crochet workshop today. I had such a lovely time learning a new craft. It was fun and enjoyable. Your teaching was easy to understand and your tea and beautiful cakes just added to the enjoyment! I would definitely recommend your workshop. Thanks again”

“It was great, thank you”

I have to say I’m very happy that I’ve now put 2 more ladies on the crochet highway!

If you’d like to learn and are local to me, please get in touch!

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